Repatriation to abroad

From Belgium, making preparations for a repatriation takes two to three days. After the death, we support the family and inform them clearly about each step in the process. If the next of kin are unknown or are unaware of the death, we use official channels to locate and notify them.

We are just as much devoted to repatriating deceased from Belgium to their country of origin as we are to repatriating them from abroad. Here too, all we need is the name of the deceased, the place of death and the phone number of a relative.

At the airport we have a care area, a cold store and a funeral parlour. There, the body can be treated, embalmed or ritually washed and a ceremony can be organised in consultation with the next of kin.

Subsequently, we take the deceased to their final destination using a specially equipped car or airplane. We determine the flight plan in conjunction with the family. At their request, we can arrange for any baggage or personal effects of the deceased having stayed behind to be transferred.

Our excellent professional contacts with local authorities guarantee a fast execution of the repatriation. We also provide logistical support in the country of arrival.