Greta Plas
From Brussels Airport, we organize quick and efficient repatriation of the deceased in close consultation with the next of kin, regardless of the country of death, the country of destination, the nationality or religion of the deceased. Greta Plas, Manager DELA Repatriations

Fast, reliable and with respect for religion, culture and nationality

We can guarantee a fast and efficient intervention thanks to our extensive network of international contacts. Besides our technical expertise and many years of experience, our professional staff also has the psychological insights to support families during those difficult time in their lives. We focus our at-tention on supporting relatives. We are constantly in contact with the next of kin, enabling us to provide them with optimum service at all times.

Ten reasons why we deliver standout service

  1. Personal and Humane
  2. Multilingual Contacts
  3. Custom Work
  4. Own Funeral Parlour
  5. 24/7 Customer Support
  6. The World, our Village
  7. National Network
  8. Global Network
  9. Fast Interventions
  10. Solid Infrastructure
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